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Monday, January 13, 2014

The 901 Gift Guide

Giving Christmas gifts is always a little stressful. There’s the danger you may over or under reciprocate. We decided to put together a list of Memphis themed gifts even Santa would be jealous of. Here is a range of present ideas sure to please every Memphian.

1. For the Sports Fanatic

What’s better than combining Memphis’s two favorite sports teams on one shirt? That’s right, nothing. 

2. For Family that’s In Town


Tired of being cooped up inside? Come ride around the city on a heated bus listening to the sounds of some classic Memphis music. Bonus: We give you a break from entertaining your relatives. Click here to check out our website, theres a tour for everyone. 
Prices Vary, Gift Certificates Available http://www.zerve.com/Backbeat

3. For Those Who Appreciate a Good Skyline


This cityscape detail captures the unique skyline of everyone’s favorite hometown. They even have colors to match any room!
$29.99, American Decals

4. For the Hep Cat


Hal Lansky, son of clothier to the King Bernard Lansky, recommends Blue Suede Shoes… As long as no one steps on them of course.
$155, Lansky Brothers at The Peabody

5. For the Bookworm


Its cold outside, so let this book tell you all about Downtown, Memphis from the warmth of your couch. Bonus: You can even get a copy signed by author William Patton on December 19 from 5-7pm at the Southeast Memphis Costco located at 3775 Hacks Cross Road., Memphis, TN 38125.
$19.99, Amazon

6. For the New Musician

Every musician has to start somewhere. This Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack makes a great starter guitar or a guitar that's going to get a fair bit of abuse. These are availible at the Gibson Guitar Factory Downtown, as well as at Guitar Center. It's a great deal for the guitar and amp!
$199, Guitar Center

8. For the Foodie


French macarons, chocolates, and madeleines all made right here in Memphis! Baker Erica Thewis brings a taste of Paris halfway around the world.
Prices Vary Depending on Quantity, Pisatche Pastry

10. For a Classier Way to Represent Your Area Code


Looking for a subtle way to show some love for your favorite area code? This necklace is perfect for 901 lovers anywhere in the U.S.
$53, PangaeaDesigns Etsy Store

11. For the Southern Gentleman


Mo’s Bow Ties was created by 9 year old with killer style. They come in literally every color and pattern, so you’ll never be underdressed this holiday season.
$45, Mo’s Bows Etsy Shop or at A. Schwab on Beale St.

12. For the Guitar Aficionado


The National Reso-Phonic guitars, suggested by our music guide Kathryn, weren't made in Memphis, but were played by several famous blues guitarists from the area. Folks like Son House and Bukka White, both from the Mississippi Delta, used National Reso-Phonic guitars. To read up on the history of these guitars click here.
Prices Vary, Vintage National Guitars 

13. For the Teenager (Or Anyone With Ears)


Justin Timberlake is the Elvis Presley of today. Who knew that the N’sync singer who bleached hair and cornrows would eventually turn into the purveyor of class.
$15 on iTunes

14. For Those Looking to Pay Homage to the Late, Great, Adventure River


For generations Adventure River was a mainstay for Memphians in the Summer. Relive your water park glory days with this t-shirt. 

15. For the Elvis Lover


The Wertheimer calendar with 16 months of Elvis? Be still my beating heart. Just go ahead and put a hunky 33 year old Elvis clad in leather on my Christmas list while your at it.
$14.99 shopelvis.com

16. For the Person Who Already Has Everything


You might be asking why would someone want a Memphis toilet seat, to which I simply reply: Why Not? 
$200, Memphis Music on Beale St.

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