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Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Reasons to Attend the Comic and Fantasy Convention

Now is the time to grab your light sabers, sonic screwdrivers, phasers and wands because this weekend is the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention. Here are our top 5 reasons to attend this 72 hour nerdvana: 

1. Cosplay. In a time where Halloween is dominated by ridiculous “sexy” costumes, (Sexy Octopus? Really?) comic cons give you opportunities to dress up like a Hobbit without being labeled a prude. Hit up the local thrift stores to create the perfect costume and compete in the Saturday Night Costume Contest.

2. Bricks and Heroes. This event has a little bit of something for everyone. For novices who see Legos merely as carpet land mines left out by kids, be awed by the intricate creations of Lego exhibitors from all over the country. If you already know the full potential of Legos don’t miss the Lego vendors, films, and live build competitions going on all weekend.

3. Harry Potter Studies. Everyone’s favorite wizard is now so popular that it’s the subject of not only intellectual analysis, but there are also college courses being taught on the Harry Potter books. (I’m looking at you, U of M: its time for Quidditch Studies!) The books are quickly becoming canonized literature. Professor Spencer Reese, English department chair at Lausanne Collegiate School in East Memphis, is leading discussions about Harry Potter and its effects on literature and culture. Make sure to not miss out Saturday at 1pm. 

4. Memphis Cinema Sci-Fi Showcase. If you read our Indie Memphis post, hopefully we convinced you that films made in the city are amazing. Luckily this weekend you’ll have a chance to catch up on some local science fiction cinema. The Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention has joined forces with Craig Brewer, acclaimed director of Hustle and Flow, Black Snake Moan, and Footloose, to host the event. The best handmade sci-fi films Memphis has to offer will be shown Friday from 8:30-10pm. 

5. Meet Jess Harnell. If you were born before 1990 and owned a TV you have probably seen The Animaniacs. We’ve all spent some quality time with Yakko, Wakko and Dot, aka the Warner Siblings. Voice actor Jess Harnell brought the crude humor of Wakko to life, but if that’s not quite cool enough for you he also voiced Ironhide the Autobot and Barricade the Decepticon in the Transformers movies. How often can you get to meet an Animaniac, Autobot and Decepticon all in one day?

Running this Friday through Sunday, tickets for the Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention range from $15 to $35. All this geekery will be going down at the Hilton in East Memphis. We are offering $2.50 off with a Comic Con ticket and $5 off if you're also wearing costume if you take one of our tours. Click here for the link to the MEMPHIS COMIC AND FANTASY CONVENTION website to know more.

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