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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Southern Hospitality for the Spirit World

The Backbeat ghost tour guides (including myself) are what you would call amateur ghost hunters. I know what an EVP reader does, I can differentiate between an orb and ectoplasm and I’m an avid researcher of ghosts and hauntings. However, actual one-on-one communication with dead people is definitely outside my realm of expertise. So what do you do when you want to make contact with the other side? You meet with a medium, of course!

I know what you’re thinking. Crystal balls, eastern European accents and Miss Cleo are all flashing through your head. 

And I will be the first to say that, when folks claim psychic powers, I am extremely skeptical. But Kristeanna’s gentle manner and astonishing insights could make a believer out of a doubter. 

Along with her friend Jessica and daughter Savannah, Kristeanna is part of Ghost Girls. These three women know their ghost hunting. Kristeanna has a natural ability to communicate with spirits; Savannah handles the audio and visual documentation, while Jessica is the debunker who looks for physical explanations. With shows like Ghosthunters and Paranormal Activity being all about the shock factor, it was refreshing to hear that the Ghost Girls were different. The Ghost Girls offer “Southern Hospitality for the Spirit World.” Their goal is to make peace with the ghosts, not scare the bejeezus out of the folks who experience them.

Paranormal resonance that the Ghost Gals caught during our Ghost Tour.
Kristeanna has felt the presence of spirits all her life but when she turned 21 she began meditating, which helped her see and feel spirits more clearly. She has over 10 years of experience as a medium and reader. What’s the difference between a medium and a reader? As a medium, she contacts the spirits of the departed; as a reader, she interprets cards. But here’s the secret; she’s actually using her spiritual connections for both. The cards just serve as a cushion between her and her clients, adding a comfort level. (Which it does! It would be a little overwhelming for someone to have such an in-depth view of your life all within the first hour after you’ve met her!)

Her tarot cards are uniquely hers; a vintage Brazilian deck that were given to her as a gift. She explained to me that psychics interpret tarot cards differently, so your reader’s cards should always be exclusively their own.

On to my personal reading. I sat opposite from Kristeanna with a desk full of tarot cards between us. She asked me to hold the cards and cut them so they could absorb my energy. When I handed them back to her, she fanned them across the desk, asking me to pick a few at a time.

The reading was quite in depth, and very different from the typical Celtic Cross spread that teenagers experiment with. Over about a half hour, she went through five different series of card pulls, with each set of pulls covering a different topic including friends, family, relationships, and career. From that point on, she told me things about myself that I had felt subconsciously, but never said out loud. Some things I was ready to hear, others were harder to swallow and needed a little bit of processing. However, almost everything she gleaned from the cards I picked was spot-on. She told me that I needed to travel more and work in different cities. I’ve always had a little bit of wanderlust, so I learned that the itch to travel would only continue to grow until I couldn’t ignore it. My mom says it's because I have a gypsy soul! How crazy that someone I had never met before could pick up on that! 

If you’ve always wanted to get a reading, reach out to a deceased loved one, or have your home inspected for ghosts, give Kristeanna a call. To contact Kristeanna for readings and Intuitive Life Counseling, visit her website http://www.readingswithkristeanna.com/. If you are looking to have Ghost Girls investigate a haunting, call them at 901-730-2566 or email them at ghostgirlsmemphis@gmail.com.

Will Backbeat Tours do more with Kristeanna? We hope so. Stay tuned and we may have a special appearance by her on a Memphis Ghost Tour soon.

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