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Monday, February 10, 2014

A Dog's Life: Take Me Out to Dog Day!

 (Translated from the original Canine by Bill Patton.)

It’s tough being a dog.  Seriously.  I know you don’t think so, and that’s cool.  I understand.  All part of the deal.  You think I sleep 16 hours a day, wake up only to eat and do my business.  Personally, I call it “Guarding the House.”  
But like I said, it’s cool.  You make up for it in other ways.  Belly rubs…tug of war…the occasional s--

Whoa – what’s that? –

Where was I – okay, yeah, we do a lot of fun things together.  But, ya know, we don’t actually go many places in the winter.  It’s too cold.  I know, I know, when its warmer we’ll do all these great things.  We’ll go to Overton Bark.  Or the Greenline. Or maybe even Shelby Forest if I’m good.  But in the meantime?  Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping on the sofa.  Love it.  Love. It.  
But it’d be great to get out there more, ya know?  See the city, see some of my own kind, catch up on everyone’s news, smell a few butts (I know you laugh at that, but don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. You can learn a lot.)   Yeah, alright, we do the occasional trip to Hollywood Feed or Petco, but I need …

Wait – thought I heard something outside – a cat?  A CAT? –
Where was I – okay.  So, yeah, when I heard about this Dog Day thing, I knew right away, it’s perfect.  What’s Dog Day?  A special tour, a ride around town, all around town, with other dogs, and yeah, people, too, but other dogs!  We get to visit a park, too!  (Don’t ask how I heard about all this.  I have my ways.)  You know I love riding in the car…this is riding in a bus!  How cool is that? Doesn’t that sound great?  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Something you’d definitely want to do?  Doesn’t it? 
Monica and Missy took the Backbeat bus for a test run. Its officially dog approved.
Let’s play a game.  Look deep into my eyes.  My big brown eyes.  That’s right, go ahead, just look into my eyes.  Deep.  Keep looking now.  (Aw, you’re so cute when you cock your head to the side like that!) 
You want to take me to the Dog Day Tour, dontcha?  Dontcha?  I’m gonna wag my tail a little more, and you’re gonna want to do it.  Dog Day, now, c’mon!  It’ll be fun.  Oh, yeah.  Now you’re coming around.  Let’s look for the leash!  Wait, wait!   No changing your mind now.  We’re doing this.  Time to pull out the big guns – the full body wag followed by the jump up.  That always does the trick. 

We’re doing the Dog Day Tour, right?  Yeah?  You’re the best!

The Dog Day Tour is on February 16 at 2:30pm.  $9 per dog; up to 4 friends ride free.  90 minute music tour, includes visit to Overton Bark. Treats for dogs and friends. For reservations and more info, call (901) 527-9415 or click here.  (You just need to make reservations for the dog).  

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