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Friday, March 28, 2014

Backbeat Tours Joins with Memphis Fashion Week

I love clothes. And shoes. And accessories. My husband claims that I love them too much, but is that even possible? I've done my fair share of fantasizing about all those gorgeous outfits you see on runways in New York, London, and Paris, so when I was given a chance to be part of the Third Annual Memphis Fashion Week, I jumped at the offer. OK, so I'm not modeling the clothes. I'm modeling something even bigger - Backbeat's cool vintage style buses that will take folks to the Saturday event. (Evidently, my request for a free wardrobe as part of the deal has been denied.)

General DeWitt Spain Airport
Memphis Fashion Week Director of Events, Abby Phillips, spoke with me about their third year. This time around, they are expecting almost three times as many guests as last year, and they have secured incredible venues for the shows - the Annesdale Mansion and the General DeWitt Spain Airport. Proceeds support The Memphis Fashion Fund, whose goal, according to Phillips, is to "encourage the continued education and growth of fashion in Memphis." Sounds good to me. More shops! More clothes! More SHOES!!!

Annie Griffin Spring 2014
Swimwear from Fluid Sunwear
There is a full week of events this year, starting with Model Appreciation Night and ending with runway shows on Friday and Saturday nights. The Saturday night show will include the work of fourteen young Memphis designers. During the day on Saturday, there will be a boutique showcase - a chance for all the local folks to come show their flare! Better still, collections from two established Memphis-born designers will be showing this year: Annie Griffin's collection will show on Friday, and Ellis Dixon's line of made-to-measure swimwear called Fluid Sunwear will show on Saturday.

Of course, a fashion show isn't complete without a nifty theme. (We all remember the Met Gala's Punk: Chaos to Couture theme, right?) This year's Memphis Fashion Week theme is Americana. Phillips explained, "We're trying to bounce off the hype that Americana is getting right now - classic, but with a funky edge."

With the Americana theme, Backbeat Tours' red and yellow buses were the natural choice. Our retro style buses are pretty famous around town - throwbacks to the good ol' days of jukeboxes, drive-ins, and rock 'n' roll.  We love the thought of being considered "in style" while keeping that "funky edge" that epitomizes Memphis!

Memphis Fashion Week, like Memphis itself, is all about taking the "normal" and making it our own. Treat yourself to one of the runway shows and you may just come home with a new favorite designer! For a full list of events (including times, locations, and admission prices) and to check out all the designers being shown, visit memphisfashionweekend.com. Make sure to stop by 263 Wagner Street on Saturday, March 29, at 6:30pm, to catch the shuttle provided by Backbeat Tours! I'll see you there!

Written by Meagan May, Backbeat guide and amateur fashionista.

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